About Us

Erica Holding includes consulting engineers, factories, manufacturing and contracting that consists of collections of Fallat regional preparation consulting engineers (consulting engineers of urbanization and urban planning), Datis sustainable building company (Legal Consultant Engineers of design, Supervising and Implementation of the Organization of Tehran Province Engineering system), the consulting engineers of building design (architecture and urbanization consulting engineers), Erica (the manufacturer, executor, and representative of building modern coatings), and Varna Sepid Fam Company (Poly Roof) are the manufactures of UPVS coatings.

We are committed to helping colleagues and managers become the reference point for decision making by an organization that is known with an analytical experienced research team, committed to the ideals, the leading organization in creating or recognizing and applying innovations and creating value in order to promote international competitiveness.

Producing and providing a variety of technical and engineering consulting services in the fields of architecture, urban planning, civil engineering, structures, electrical and mechanical facilities, and technical and economic justification reports based on the latest scientific achievements of Iran and the world;

Live and dynamic engagement with domestic and global technical and professional centers and centers, in order to expand and enhance knowledge and expertise in the areas of architecture, urbanization, civil and development, and its application in governmental and nongovernmental development projects of the country;

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Interview with Sepid Pham Varna Company


The main topics of the group's activities are: policy and management of subsidiaries with the aforementioned approach, project management and investment, the establishment of new companies with the participation of domestic and foreign legal and legal entities, and the planning of sales of products